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The Zoe Turner Podcast

Welcome to The Zoe Turner Podcast.  Weekly Meditations and Conversations that help move you from fear and uncertainty to development and growth so that you can crush both life and business

Jul 15, 2020

Everyone loves a story of grit and determination and Dame Kelly Holmes has it in bucket loads. One of the greatest sporting moments ever was in 2004 in Athens when Kelly became a double Olympic champion. What Kelly achieved at Athens was truly inspirational and the people of Britain were incredibly proud. The middle distance double of 800m and 1500m had never been achieved by a woman until then. Her achievement was a real example of commitment and perseverance since Kelly had suffered many injuries over the years. Most people might have given in, but not Kelly and it was her determination and dedication within her career that resulted in this momentous occasion that has gone down in history of being one of the greatest sporting achievements of all time.

It is not only her double gold that is inspirational it is her continued commitment in raising the awareness of mental health matters and her dedication to helping individuals improve their lives through sport.

(NB I sound more clear after the first 15 minutes - Kelly sounds great throughout) 

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